Class covers:

• Normal labor, birth and early postpartum

• Positioning for labor and birth

• Relaxation and massage techniques to ease labor

• Labor support techniques

• Communicating clearly with hospital staff 

• Information about medical procedures

• Common childbirth complications and

  how they might be handled or prevented

• Basic breastfeeding

• Healthy lifestyle

• Newborn care

What Lamaze Childbirth Education Classes Can Do for You

Pregnancy and childbirth are like a river.  It can be smooth and gentle at times; and at other times it can be like rapids, with rocks appearing in your experience that you will navigate by either going around or over them.  Your baby is an integral part of the process and drives your emotional and physical condition to some degree.  The classes I offer help you release the weight of feeling like you are solely responsible for all aspects of your childbirth experience, giving you permission to allow this beautiful river to flow naturally and gracefully.

By teaching you about what is going on in your body during pregnancy and the various ways in which childbirth unfolds, I help you prepare to ride the river knowledgeably and intuitively - to make educated choices for how you want to bring your baby into the world, and to shift from your mind to your heart and release your fears.  

Every birth, for every woman, is unique.  Each child coming forth brings a different energy to the union with their mother and creates a birthing experience that belongs only to them. Sometimes the path you travel together calls for the use of medical procedures to support your birth experience and help assure that you come together outside the womb successfully.  I explain with great care what these procedures are and how they can be part of a powerful and empowering birth. 

By taking my Childbirth Education Classes before your baby comes, your preparation and practice allow you to move through labor and delivery more confidently.  The more you have integrated the information, the more relaxed and at peace you are with the process, the more your hormones are working for you and the less difficult and painful the contractions are. 

Lamaze Childbirth Education

Childbirth Education Classes designed

to meet your needs

Childbirth is a sacred process that every mother enters the minute she becomes pregnant.  As a certified and deeply intuitive Childbirth educator, my presence through every stage of this process can provide confidence, comfort, and clarity about all aspects of bringing a new baby into the world. 

Childbirth education classes

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My goal as Lamaze educator is to "increase women's confidence in their ability to give birth."

Toward that end, women learn a variety of simple coping strategies, of which breathing is only one. The classes aim to help women "learn how to respond to pain in ways

that both facilitate labor and increase comfort."