‚ÄčChildbirth is a rite of passage, a transformative process, and a deeply spiritual event.

The whole of you becomes linked to the life of another, biologically, emotionally, and psychologically.

You find yourself connected to your baby in ways you never considered possible; and you experience tremendous changes in all aspects of your being

as the process unfolds.  This can be a beautiful and fulfilling time, or it can be difficult.

Life has no instruction book, and traveling through this new territory you may find yourself facing fears, unexpressed expectations for the baby, memories of past traumas or any number of other feelings for which you are not prepared. As your body changes and hormones start to flow that support your pregnancy, you may feel depression or anxiety - even deep despair, seemingly out of nowhere. 

My heart-centered Holistic Childbirth Practice helps you identify and release the unconscious beliefs, expectations and fears that could be preventing you from having a joyous and healthy pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. Together, we develop a relationship that helps you build self-confidence and empowerment and provides a continuum of care that doctors and nurses cannot give you. The earlier we begin this partnership, the more powerful the results.
In your private session, as we enter sacred space together, I connect us to our higher selves and work with the Shamballa energy using New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation (a form of Reiki) to find whatever core issues are ready to be released. I open and hold this space while you safely move through whatever release you are able and willing to make in the moment.

Using one or more of the modalities in which I am trained*, I offer you tools that  can help you unlock the unseen or unacknowledged past or present issues that may be contributing to any negative emotions.  If there has been loss, the process can bring you to a place of peace and acceptance, and help you return to joy.

I bring a dimension of depth, meaning, and connection with the divine to the birthing process, helping you and your partner create a trinity of energy that includes your baby. This can, in turn, create an energy field that minimizes physical pain  and emotional suffering, allows your entire process to proceed without resistance, and can transform each step of your journey through this new territory into a beautiful and fulfilling experience.

Holistic Birth Practitioner

Once your baby enters your life, a whole new landscape appears that calls for different responses. The hormonal adjustments your body continues to make, the emotional changes that come with the new experience of parenting, and fears about how your baby is developing can also lead to depression and anxiety.